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Importing and Arranging Pictures

When you create a new Photo Story, the first thing that you will do is import pictures.  This is an easy process and allows import of most image formats, including .bmp, .dib, .eps, .gif, .jhif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .pcd, .pcx, .png, .psd, .rle, .tga, and .tif.  You can import pictures from your computer, a network folder, or an MSNĀ® Groups Web site. For each story, you can import up to 300 pictures.

Simply select the Import Images button.  When the dialog comes up, it is helpful to switch to thumbnail view so that you can see the images easily that you would like to add.  This is useful when importing similarly-named images such as those taken with a digital camera.

On the Import and arrange your pictures page, click Import Pictures.

In the File Browser dialog box, do one of the following:
    • On the All Files tab, click the folder in which your pictures are located. Select one or more pictures, and then click OK.
    • Click the MSN Groups tab. If required, sign in by using your Microsoft .NET Passport. Locate the MSN Groups Web site that contains your pictures, and then click OK.

There is also a slider in this dialog box that will allow you to adjust the size of the thumbnails, giving you a much better view of the pictures that you'd like to import.

Holding down the Control key allows you to select multiple images.  Once you've selected the images you want, hit ok.  You may add more by returning to this screen via the "Import Pictures" button mentioned above.  Your pictures appear in the film strip at the bottom of the page. If you import more pictures, Photo Story adds them at the end of the film strip.

To view the pictures in the film strip, use the scroll bar located below the strip. You are now ready to arrange your pictures.  To move a picture, select its thumbnail in the timeline, and click the left or right arrow.  Here, we move the 4th picture to the 7th position. 

Repeat this process until you have all of the pictures in the order that you desire.

Each image can be edited as well as moved.  Please see Editing Your Pictures for more information.

Expert Advice:

Choosing the image format and size can make a difference in the final story.  If you can, use formats such as JPEG, BMP, or PNG instead of GIF.  GIF supports only 256 colors, while JPG, BMP, and PNG support colors in excess of 16 million, allowing for a much more accurate representation of your pictures.  The size of the images you import should not be smaller in width or height than the final size of the Story.

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Also See: Editing Your Pictures