Internet Explorer Save As BMP Problem

One of the more common questions that I see in the newsgroup and other online forums that deal with Windows photos is the problem with Internet Explorer (IE) refusing to save images in any format other than bitmap (.bmp).

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to the .bmp bug. It is detailed in a KnowledgeBase article 810978  but I have decided to explain it along with screenshots since this is such a common problem.

Symptoms of the .bmp problem

Explanation and Solution

There are actually two causes to this problem. One is there may be damaged ActiveX or Java Objects in the Download programs section of Internet Explorer, and the other (prehaps more common) is that your browser cache may be full and will need to be emptied.

Most Common Problem: Full Browser Cache

The first step is to go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer and select Internet Options.

The Internet Options dialog will appear, and allow us to free up our browser cache.

Press the Delete Files button.  You will be presented with the following dialog allowing you to Delete offline content as well.  This is up to you, but if you do not need your offline content or are not sure what that is, then go ahead and check the box.

When you hit OK, it may take a few minutes to clear out all of the files, particularly if you have a large cache.  Let Internet Explorer do its job.  When it finishes, you will be returned to the Internet Options dialog.


Second Solution: Fixing Corrupted Downloaded Files

The other common problem is a corrupted program (ActiveX Control or Java Object) in your Downloaded Programs section of Internet Explorer.  These are easy to identify.  Follow the steps below.

Click the Settings button from the Internet Options dialog.  You can get there from the Tools-Internet Options menu shown at the top of this article.

The Settings dialog will appear.  Select the View Objects button.  This will bring up a list of all the downloaded ActiveX Controls and Java Objects that you have in Internet Explorer.

The programs to note are any that are shown with a status of Damaged.  Click on the first damaged item to highlight it.  Right click on it.  A menu like below witll give you the option to Remove it.

Do this for each Damaged program.  Once you have finished, close any remaining dialog boxes (you can click the X or OK).  Try right-clicking an image on the web page.  Choose Save As.  You should now have the option to save the image in the original format and not just .bmp.





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