Adding a Title-Only Slide

One of the things that I have wanted to do to my stories is add a blank slide for the purpose of creating a Title or a Credits slide. It seems odd that in Photo Story 3 you cannot add this (like you can in Windows Movie Maker), but the solution is a simple one.

You need to either use an image-creation program (Windows Paint is fine) and create a large (it MUST be as large or larger than your movie, or you will get blurred borders), solid colored image, or download from the swatches below. Import the solid image, and add titles as you would normally.

Sample Solid Background Images

To save the image to your computer, right click
on the color that you want, and choose "Save Picture As..."

Putting it all together

Start by importing the color that you wish to have as your background. Make sure that there are not blurred borders. If there are, resize the image to something larger than your final output.

Once you've imported your slide, go ahead and add the other slides that you want in your story. Highlight the title slide and click next to go to the Add a Title to Your Pictures dialog. Type whatever you would like your title to say in the box on the right. Click Next.

The next dialog is the Narrate Your Pictures and Customize Motion dialog, but it has a Preview button on it so you can make sure that you like your title slide. You may want to preview is more than once, because the preview will start at the slide you have selected. Watching it again will start from the beginning.