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Miracle Baby 17oz PhotoStory - Friend of Mark Coffman (Updated!)
Please take a few minutes and watch this PhotoStory. I made this story when this baby was born at 26 weeks, weighing 1lb, 1oz. Medical science said that this baby could not be born alive. He is alive and weighs 1lb, 5oz as of March 25, 2008 4lb, 7oz as of June 28, 2008. Pray for this baby. His name is Jack Otremba. His parents, Chris and Sharon, were my neighbors.
A fund has been set up. To contribute to the "Baby Jack Fund," checks can be made out to:

Family Bible Church
PO Box 840
Eustis, Fl
Memo Field: Baby Jack Fund

Important: make the check out to Family Bible Church, but designate in the Memo Field: Baby Jack Fund

For information, call 352-516-9771.
An article with more details is available here
Nikon D40X Reviewed By WindowsPhotoStory.Com

Check out our review of the Nikon D40X digtal slr camera. This is a beastly 10.2MP digital camera in a perfect-sized package.

Send Holiday Cards

Create A PhotoBook!

I recently got married (on September 30th) and our photographer is putting together an incredible wedding album for us. He really does incredible work, but you also pay a pretty penny for it. It got me thinking, "are there any web sites that can produce photo books but without the price premium?" -- Christmas is coming up and I would like to give these away as gifts.

One such web site is PhotoWorks' Photo Book . They have lots of ways to customize books, in an easy wizard interface. Check it out!

Microsoft Photosynth

Photosynth takes a large collection of photos of a place or object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed 3-Dimensional space.

With Photosynth you can:

* Walk or fly through a scene to see photos from any angle.
* Seamlessly zoom in or out of a photograph whether it’s megapixels or gigapixels in size.
* See where pictures were taken in relation to one another.
* Find similar photos to the one you’re currently viewing. Explore a custom tour. Send a collection to a friend.  

Watch the Video!

Two weeks of Unlimited Music!

I have been using Napster as my primary music subscription service, but this deal sounds too good to pass up, as it is a free 14-day trial!. The folks at Rhapsody are temporarily opening up their service for a trial period for those who want it.

Unlimited access to 2 million+ songs
100+ ad-free radio stations
Share playlists with your friends
Save 10% on music downloads


Click here to get a free 14-day trial of Rhapsody

What the experts say
Critics love Rhapsody
Microsoft Research's Group Shot!

Microsoft Research Group Shot helps you create a perfect group photo out of a series of group photos. With Group Shot you can select your favorite parts in each shot of the series and Group Shot will automatically build a composite image.

I've put together a quick Group Shot Tutorial available here

Colorize Your Black and White Photographs

Recolored is a software application that helps you with the otherwise difficult and time consuming task of colorizing black and white photos. Based on the latest developments in computer assisted image colorization, Recolored makes it possible for anyone to achieve professional looking results.

Recolored can be found at the Official Recolored Web Site

Digital Photographer's Holiday Wish List

With the holiday season just around the corner, you may be wondering what to buy the photographer in your family (or what "hints" to give). I've put together a short list of items to consider when you begin making those purchases.

Digital Photographer's Holiday Wish List



TweakPS Released!

TweakPS, a Photo Story project file utility, has been released. This utility will allow you to do the following:

  • set a duration of your choosing across all of the slides in your project
  • remove motion
  • randomize slides


Free Stock Photos for Personal or Commercial Use

Creating Online has 496 photos online that are free to use for personal or commercial use.

Also, check out this great site: - tons of free photos for your projects!



Photo Story 3.1

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows has an article about Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 2006. An interesting item to note is that it will ship with Photo Story 3.1.


Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP

"The Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer enhances the Windows XP photos experience by providing thumbnails, previews, printing, and metadata display for RAW images from most Canon and Nikon digital cameras. This tool enables advanced digital photographers to organize and work with RAW files directly in Windows Explorer in much the same way as with JPEG images. No more "guessing" which image is which!"

You can download this program and the whitepaper on the RAW image format here.


Creating Multiple Photo Slides With Paint Shop Pro

One of our forum members asked how to insert more than one photo on a slide. This cannot be done in Photo Story, but can be done with tools that are available for download. This guide will show you how!


The Definitive Guide to Windows Digital Photos

Photo by Lee Gonzalez
for use by Only.

I am beginning a Guide on Windows Digital Photos and Photography. This guide will help you find how to take the best shots for your Photo Stories, and explain how to achieve professional-style effects. I look forward to hearing feedback on this new section.


Share Your Photos on a Portable Device Using Photo Story 3

There is a nice article in the Windows XP Digital Photography section of this week on saving Photo Story 3 projects for viewing on a portable device.


Camera Recommendations

I'm compiling the recommendations in our forums for digital cameras. Please remember to visit the What Camera are You Using? thread and leave your own recommendation. If you're looking to buy a camera, check out the Recommended Camera section on the left.


Do Amazing Things... With Photo Story 3

PapaJohn has created a new section on his website for Photo Story called "Do Amazing Things..." where he is showcasing some really neat tricks that you can do with Photo Story 3. First up is an article about making Photo Story 3 templates. I recommend you check out this new concept!

Do Amazing Things With Photo Story 3

Sonic Releases DVD Burning Plug-in for Photo Story 3 for Windows

Novato, California (February 16, 2005)Sonic Solutions® (NASDAQ: SNIC) the leader in digital media software, announced today that it is providing Photo Story 3 for Windows users with an effective, fast, and reliable burning solution. Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3 for Windows is the first DVD burning plug-in for Microsoft’s Photo Story 3 that enables users to record their photo stories to DVD from within Photo Story. Photo stories are compelling slide shows that combine personal photos with titles, captions, effects, narration, and background music. The resulting DVDs can be easily shared with friends and family, enjoyed in the comfort of a living room through a DVD player, viewed on a PC computer running Microsoft Windows XP, or stored for safekeeping.

“Photo Story 3 for Windows builds on the overwhelmingly popular experiences provided by past versions of Photo Story and remains one of the best ways for consumers to share their digital photos,” said Kevin Unangst, director of Windows consumer marketing for Microsoft Corp. “Sonic’s plug-in integrates seamlessly with Photo Story 3 for Windows and enables consumers to extend the reach of their Photo Stories to all devices that support the DVD format.”

The downloadable plug-in is fast and easy to install and automatically integrates with the existing Photo Story 3 wizard, appearing as one of the options in the Photo Story 3 Activities list box. A simple dialog box allows users to title their DVD and set record options. Within minutes users can create a polished DVD of their engaging photo stories, complete with an attractive DVD menu and copies of their original photos. In addition, Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3 for Windows is built on Sonic’s AuthorScript® engine, employed in the production of the majority of Hollywood DVDs, so users are assured a trouble-free playback experience whether it is through a set-top DVD player or on a PC.

“Sonic’s DVD plug-in completes the Photo Story 3 experience by enabling users to burn their slideshows on DVDs that can be played, shared, and preserved for years to come,” said Mark Ely, senior vice president of corporate strategy for Sonic. “We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft as we enable millions of photo enthusiasts who use Windows to create DVDs using Sonic’s industry-leading DVD technology.”

Photo Story 3 for Windows empowers users to breathe more life into their favorite memories by adding motion, effects, music, and more to their digital photos. Users can easily retouch their images, add dramatic pans and zooms, create a soundtrack, and even add narration. In addition to sharing projects on DVD using the Sonic plug-in, completed photo stories can be shared via e-mail, the Web, or enjoyed on the couch with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Pricing and Availability

Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3 for Windows is now available from Sonic and will be available from Microsoft on February 20th for a limited, introductory price of $19.99 exclusively for users of Photo Story 3. More information is available on the Sonic Solutions site ( and will be available on the Activities page within Photo Story, as well as on the Photo Story home page (, on February 20th. Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3 for Windows customers are also eligible for special pricing on other Sonic software including award-winning MyDVD, which enables users to create customized Hollywood-style DVDs with motion menus and animated buttons.

Putting Your Photo Story on DVD

Learn how to put your Photo Story 3 on DVD! This guide will help answer that question, "How do I put my Photo Stories on DVD to give as gifts or to keep as an archive?"

Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP

Download the Winter Fun Pack 2004 now! Spice up your music, photos and more with amazing holiday visualizations, skins, powertoys and other fun add-ons. There’s something for the whole family! The Winter Fun Pack 2004 includes: Stunning Holiday Vizualizations for Windows Media Player 10 Ring in the holiday cheer! Give your desktop the Holiday touch with three cool seasonal Player Visualizations. Enjoy the HOT new WhiteCap Holiday Viz with nearly 20 holiday images that explode in vivid color including a snowman, candy cane, shooting star and more. Cool down with the chilling Ice Storm Viz, then warm up next to the fire place with the Yule Log Viz.

Amazing Holiday-Themed Skins for Windows Media Player 10

Give your Media Player a wintry makeover with 5 skins for Windows Media Player 10 including Frostbite, Ice, and Ginger man and Ginger woman skins. Also, take Windows Media Player 10 to the next level with the hot new Halo 2 skin, which is sure to be one of the hottest selling games this Holiday season.

PowerToys for Windows Media Player 10

Let Windows Media Player 10 take the pain out of your holiday parties with Holiday Auto Playlists (including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas). Personalize your email or blog by showing the song that’s playing on your desktop. And for power users, easily export your media library information into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and others.

Photos, Media Center and More!

Get into the holiday spirit and transform your desktop into a winter wonderland with new captivating desktop wallpaper images from Corbis. Get more out of Media Center 2005 with the new TweakMCE 2005 powertoy. Download Kris the Holiday Dancing Elf, Photo Story 3 for Windows, and more!

Setting the Mood With Music

Did you know that Photo Story can create a mood for you? All you have to do is explore its ability to Create Custom Music. The music is dynamically generated to have transitions between music clips.

Setting the Mood with Music

Inside the wp3 Format (Advanced)

This guide will show you how to modify your Photo Stories by extracting and changing the underlying XML project file. While not for beginners, this will help you get down and dirty when you need to get something "just right."

Photo Story wp3 Format

Now that the door to Photo Story is unlocked, many more articles will follow. I've seen requests like "how do I create motionless stories easily?" from our forum members. This article is a first step in that direction.

Creating SportCenter-style Effects with PhotoStory: Part 2

The second in a two-part guide showing how to leverage Photo Story with Windows Movie Maker to create fantastic and professsional effects!

Read about Making SportsCenter-style Text Effects (Part 2).

Creating SportCenter-style Effects with PhotoStory: Part 1

The first in a two-part guide showing how to leverage Photo Story with Windows Movie Maker to create fantastic and professsional effects!

Read about Making SportsCenter-style Text Effects (Part 1).

Meet the Photo Story Team

The Channel9 website has an interview with the Photo Story 3 Team.

"We sat down with the team who wrote the product so you could get an idea of how a software-development team at Microsoft works.

You meet:

Vladmir Rovinsky, Lead Program Manager
Mehul Shah, Development Lead.
James Yuan, Software Test Engineer
Dongmei Zhang, Researcher (Developer).

Video length: 00:28:44 "

Announcing Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows!

Making Show-N-Tell Cool Again

I’m excited to announce that one of the coolest new technologies for sharing life’s memorable moments through digital photography is now available and just in time for the holidays – Photo Story 3 for Windows!

What is Photo Story 3 for Windows? How do I get it?

Photo Story 3 for Windows makes it easier than ever to share life’s memorable moments in new ways by adding motion, effects, music and more to your digital photos.

Download today at

Beginner's Guide to Photo Story 3 Available!

Read our Beginner's Guide to Photo Story 3. It will get your first photo story up and running and explain some of the details that may be confusing at first. There are also several goodies tucked away in Photo Story 3 and this guide will make sure you know where to find them!

What’s new in Photo Story 3?

Smart enhancements and image correction Bring Photos to Life
  • Automatically add Pan and Zoom effects or create your own effects without limits.
  • Add your own original music you create with just a few clicks or choose from multiple songs in your music library to create a mood.
  • Built-in support for panoramic images creates a stunning effect
  • Add and control more than 40 transitions like Diagonal Wipes, Flips, and Page Curls and effects like Black and White Chalk or Sepia
Share Stories in a Whole New Way
  • Easily share via email using your favorite email client – attach your photo story with just a click!
  • Burn to CD using Windows XP built-in CD burning
  • Experience even more on Media Center 2005 PCs – enjoy your Photo Stories again and again on your home TV or burn to DVD using built-in DVD burning.
  • Enjoy your photos on the hottest new Windows Mobile portable devices with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile including the new AT&T Wireless Smartphone, Dell Axim X50, and Portable Media Center devices.

How to get Photo Story 3?

Photo Story 3 is available today and consumers can freely download Photo Story from the Microsoft Download Center.


Photo Story 3 is part of the suite of genuine Windows products in the Windows Genuine Advantage program.

A great value for consumers to get Genuine, also

Microsoft is also distributing Photo Story 3 on CD at WalMart and Best Buy with every new digital camera sold (starting Nov 15th). Atari’s Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 game will also install Photo Story 3 with their upcoming release in Nov. And that is just the beginning!

What is the Windows Genuine Advantage Program?

WGA is the first of a multi-pronged effort to reduce the prevalence of unlicensed PC’s. Microsoft will enhance the value of Windows XP by providing free application like Photo Story 3 to genuine Windows customers.

Learn more about WGA